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Open Call: Plant Perspectives: An Interdisciplinary Journal

The Editorial Board of Plant Perspectives is pleased to make an open call for article submissions. The journal, whose first issue is scheduled for March 2024, is a new peer-reviewed, open-access forum, grounded in interdisciplinary plant studies, that explores plant–human interactions in all spatial, temporal and cultural contexts. Plant Perspectivesencourages new directions and innovative approaches in the study of the sensory, instrumental and affective entanglements between human, vegetal and ecological spheres.

Published by The White Horse Press, Plant Perspectives will be a place where the paths of different discourses cross and their branches intertwine, where scholars and practitioners with an interest in plants can develop and hone new thinking and where – crucially – plants always take centre stage.

We warmly welcome contributions from those working in diverse academic disciplines concerned with plants including anthropology; Black, Latinx and Ethnic studies; gender studies; geography; history; literary studies; philosophy; and social sciences; from those whose work transcends traditional disciplinary classifications or extends towards the natural sciences; and from those outside the academy, for example, garden and forest practitioners, artists, creative writers and activists.

Contributions can address a wide variety of subjects within plant studies, including but not limited to:

         art and literature

         capitalism, imperialism and economic botany

         colonialism, postcolonialism and other power asymmetries

         conservation, biodiversity and environmental change

         culture, race, and indigeneity

         film, media and popular culture

         gender and sexuality

         governance, rights and ethics

         heritage, tourism and leisure

         horticulture, agriculture, forestry and arboriculture

         medicine, health and care

         paleoclimate, climate change, and climate crisis

         scientific knowledge and communication

         speculative botany

         technology and the digital age

         the globalisation of plants

         theology, religions and spiritualities

         traditional botanical knowledge


Articles should be original, unpublished, and not under consideration by another journal. The editors do encourage the submission of translations of articles previously published in languages other than English. Article submissions should be between 6,000–10,000 words in length, including references. A summary of 100–150 words along with a list of 4–5 key words should be provided. Creative submissions are welcomed but should be discussed in advance with the Editors.

For more information or to discuss submission ideas, please contact the Editor, Dr John C. Ryan, <> and Deputy Editor, Dr Isis Brook, <>. Full details are available for download here.

Submissions guidelines: here

Editorial Board: here