Preservation Policy

Scholarly work remains of value long beyond the active lifetime of any one publication or publisher. Worldwide Waste and its publisher, The White Horse Press, are therefore committed to ensuring the long term preservation of this journal. 

We encourage authors to deposit their articles in an institutional or subject repository of their choice. Authors may deposit any or all versions of their article (preprint, accepted manuscript, version of record). They may do so as soon as the article is first published online, i.e. there is no embargo on preserving the article in a repository of their choice.

Furthermore, as a routine outcome of the journal production workflow, the version of record of all articles published in Worldwide Waste is preserved in two of the leading digital preservation repositories for scholarly journals:

These repositories work to the highest standards in long term distributed digital preservation, thus maximising the likelihood that articles published in Worldwide Waste will remain freely available to students, scholars, and general readers far into the future.