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Environmental Values

Coastal and Marine Conservation in Britain: Ecology and Aesthetics, Land and Sea

Adam Cole-King

Environmental Values 3(1994): 139-154. doi: 10.3197/096327194776679773

The long standing division of official responsibility in Britain, between the scientific and aesthetic aspects of environmental conservation has obscured more fundamental distinctions within conservation, such as its many different objectives and ethical bases. Furthermore the traditional treatment of the coastline as an administrative boundary may have been expedient in the past, but for many conservation purposes is highly inappropriate. Public administration of conservation in Britain has recently been reorganised, but the question of the administrative status of the coast and sea has yet to be properly addressed. Consideration of the diverse needs of environmental conservation shows that traditional perceptions of the coast need to be radically reappraised.

KEYWORDS: Conservation, environmental perception, coasts, natural heritage, seascape

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