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Environmental Values

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Environmental Values

Rethinking the relations of nature, culture and agency

Patrick D. Murphy

Environmental Values 1(1992): 311-320. doi: 10.3197/096327192776680025

Beginning with a critique of the Enlightenment human/nature dualism, this essay argues for a new conception of human agency based on culturopoeia and an application of an ecofeminist dialogic method for analysing human-nature relationships, with the idea of volitional interdependence replacing ideas of free will and determinism. Further, it posits that we need to replace the alienational model of otherness based on a psychoanalytic model with a relational model of anotherness based on an ecological model, and concludes by encouraging attention to developing bioregional natured cultures in place of nation states and multinational corporations.

KEYWORDS: environment, philosophy, bioregionalism, culturopoeia, dialogics, ecology, human agency

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