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Vol.9 No.1, February 2003

Continuities in Environmental Narratives: The Case of Kabale, Uganda, 1930-2000. Grace Carswell

'The Common Cormorant or Shag Lays Eggs Inside a Paper Bag'. A Cultural Ecology of Fish-eating Birds in Western Australia. Joanna Sassoon

Environmental History and the Challenges of Interdisciplinarity: An Antipodean Perspective. Eric Pawson and Stephen Dovers

Francois Mitterrand and Nature. Guillaume Sainteny

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Vol.9 No.2, May 2003.
Special issue on Natural Disasters and their Perception

Man and Natural Disaster in the Late Middle Ages: The Earthquake in Carinthia and Northern Italy on 25 January 1348 and its Perception. Christian Rohr

Noah's Flood: The Genesis Story and Natural Disasters in Early Modern Times. Michael Kempe

Divine Punishment or Object of Research? The Resonance of Earthquakes, Floods, Epidemics and Famine in the Correspondence Network of Albrecht von Haller. Martin Stuber

The Politics of Nature: Constructing German Reunification During the Great Oder Flood of 1997. Martin Doering

Historical Seismology in Switzerland: Reflections on Issues and Insights. Monika Gisler


Vol.9 No.3, August 2003

Charting Environmental Concerns: Reactions to Hydraulic Public Works in Eighteenth-Century France.Pierre Claude Reynard

Nature, Progress and the 'Disorderly' Fitzroy: The Vain Quest for Queensland's 'Noblest Navigable River', 1865-1965. Barbara Webster and Steve Mullins

Weeds, People and Contested Places. Neil Clayton

The Historicity of Institutional Trust and the Alienation of Maori Land for Catchment Control at Mangatu, New Zealand. Brad Coombes


Vol.9 No.4, November 2003.
Special issue on New Zealand

Environmental Anxiety in New Zealand, 1840-1941: Climate Change, Soil Erosion, Sand Drift, Flooding and Forest Conservation. James Beattie

Appraising Soil Fertility in Early Colonial New Zealand: The 'Biometric Fallacy' and Beyond. Vaughan Wood

Seizing The Day: Perrine Moncrieff and Nature Conservation in New Zealand. Robin Hodge

The Re-Creation of Bottle Lake: From Site of Discard to Environmental Playground?. Katie Pickles

'Wilderness to Orchard': The Export Apple Industry in Nelson, New Zealand 1908-1940. Michael Roche

New Zealand Landscape and Literature, 1890-1925. Julian Kuzma

New Zealand Environmental History: A Question of Attitudes. Paul Star

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