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Vol.5 No.1

Anti-Erosion Policies in the Mountain Areas of Lesotho: the South African Connection. Thackwray Driver

'The Land is Spoiled By Water': Cossack Colonisation in the North Caucasus. Thomas M. Barrett

Were Health Resorts Bad for your Health? Coastal Pollution Control Policy in England, 1945-76. John Hassan

Groundwater Development in England. Hadrian Cook

Societies in Conflict: Algae and Humanity in the Philippines. Greg Bankoff

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Vol.5 No.2

Changes in Landscape or Interpretation? Reflections Based on the Environmental and Socio-economic History of a Village in NE Botswana. Annika C. Dahlberg and Piers M. Blaikie

Ecology, Epidemics and Empires: Environmental Change and the Geopolitics of Tropical America, 1600-1825. J.R. McNeill

Histories of Forestry: Ideas, Networks and Silences. Phil McManus

Atmospheric Pollution and Stone Degradation in Nineteenth Century Exeter. Rob Inkpen

Sir George Stapledon (1882-1960) and the Landscape of Britain. R.J. Moore-Colyer

Ballast and the Tay Eider Duck Populations. John McManus

Bamboo, Rats and Famines: Famine Relief and Perceptions of British Paternalism in the Mizo Hills (India). Sajal Nag


Vol.5 No.3

Oriental Nature, its Friends and its Enemies: Conservation of Nature in Late-Colonial Indonesia, 1889-1949. Peter Boomgaard

Abruzzo National Park: Land of Dreams. James Sievert

Thomas Pringle's Plantation. Damian Shaw

How Terms Shape Forests: 'Niederwald', 'Mittelwald' and 'Hochwald', and their Interaction with Forest Development in the Canton of Zurich, Switzerland. Matthias Buergi

Environment and Social History: Kalahandi, 1800-1950. Biswamoy Pati

Military Conflict and Forests in Central Provinces, India: Gonds and the Gondwana Region in Pre-colonial History. Archana Prasad

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