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Vol.19 No.1, February 2013

Editorial by Stephen Mosley

The ‘English Lowlands’ and the North Sea Basin System: A History of Shared Risk. Greg Bankoff

Explaining an Unstable Landscape: Claiming the Islands of the Early-Modern Rhone. Pierre Claude Reynard

The Rise and Demise of South Africa's First School of Forestry. Brett M. Bennett

Pesticides and the British Environment: An Agricultural Perspective. John Sheail


James Beattie, Empire and Environmental Anxiety: Health, Science, Art and Conservation in South Asia and Australasia, 1800-1920 (John M. MacKenzie)
Karen Brown, Mad Dogs and Meerkats: A History of Resurgent Rabies in Southern Africa (Dominik Hünniger)
Deborah Sutton, Other Landscapes: Colonialism and the Predicament of Authority in Nineteenth Century South India (Ezra Rashkow)
Ian. D. Rotherham and Robert A. Lambert (eds.), Invasive and Introduced Plants and Animals: Human Perceptions, Attitudes and Approaches to Management (Robert Alexander Hearn)
SueEllen Campbell, with Alex Hunt, Richard Kerridge, Tom Lynch and Ellen Wohl, The Face of the Earth: Natural Landscapes, Science and Culture (Ruth Morgan)


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Vol.19 No.2, May 2013 - Special Issue on Flooding

Editorial Introduction by James A. Galloway

Floods of the Upper Danube River and Its Tributaries and Their Impact on Urban Economies (c. 1350-1600): The Examples of the Towns of Krems/Stein and Wels (Austria). Christian Rohr

Storminess in the Low Countries, 1390-1725. Adriaan de Kraker

Coastal Flooding and Socioeconomic Change in Eastern England in the Later Middle Ages. James A. Galloway

Flood Security in the Medieval and Early Modern North Sea Area: A Question of Entitlement?. Tim Soens


Wapulumuka O. Mulwafu, Conservation Song: A History of Peasant- State Relations and the Environment in Malawi, 1860–2000 (Elias Mandala)
David Kinkela, DDT and the American Century: Global Health, Environmental Politics, and the Pesticide that Changed the World (Mark Leeming)
Sarah S. Elkind, How Local Politics Shape Federal Policy: Business, Power, and the Environment in Twentieth-Century Los Angeles (Thomas Jundt)
Peter Borsay and John K. Walton (eds.), Resorts and Ports: European Seaside Towns since 1700 (Herbert Eiden)
Stephanie Spencer, Francis Bedford, Landscape Photography and Nineteenth-Century British Culture: The Artist as Entrepreneur (Jacqueline McIsaac)



Vol.19 No.3, August 2013

Editorial by Stephen Mosley

British Water Policy in Mandate Palestine: Environmental Orientalism and Social Transformation. John Broich

Green Rhetoric in Blackshirts: Italian Fascism and the Environment. Marco Armiero and Wilko Graf von Hardenberg

Imposition, Emulation and Adaptation: Regulatory Regimes in the Commons of Early Modern Germany. Paul Warde

Wolves in the Early Nineteenth-Century County of Jönköping, Sweden. Örjan Kardell and Anna Dahlström


Robert B. Marks, China: Its Environment and History (Wang Lihua)
Sam White, The Climate of Rebellion in the Early Modern Ottoman Empire (Onur Inal)
Mark Fiege, The Republic of Nature: An Environmental History of the United States (Lisa M. Brady)
Diana K. Davis and Edmund Burke III (eds.), Environmental Imaginaries of the Middle East and North Africa (Stuart Schoenfeld)
J. Keri Cronin, Manufacturing National Park Nature: Photography, Ecology, and the Wilderness Industry of Jasper (Jacqueline McIsaac)
Tim Sands, Wildlife in Trust: a Hundred Years of Nature Conservation (John Sheail)
Marianna Dudley, An Environmental History of the UK Defence Estate 1945 to the Present (T.C. Smout)
Ray Hilborn, with Ulrike Hilborn, Overfishing: What Everyone Needs to Know and Mansel G. Blackford, Making Seafood Sustainable: American Experiences in Global Perspective (Joseph E. Taylor III)



Vol.19 No.4, November 2013

Editorial by Stephen Mosley

The Borderless Archipelago: Toward a Transnational History of Japanese Environmentalism. Simon Avenell

Trees Versus Lives: Reckoning Military Success and the Ecological Effects of Chemical Defoliation During the Vietnam War. Neil S. Oatsvall

The Royal Natal National Park, Kwazulu-Natal: Mountaineering, Tourism and Nature Conservation in South Africa's First National Park c.1896 to c.1947. Jane Carruthers

The Evidence for Early Seventeenth-Century Climate from Scottish Ecclesiastical Records. Alan R. Macdonald and John McCallum


John Rignall and H. Gustav Klaus, eds., in association with Valerie Cunningham, Ecology and the Literature of the British Left: The Red and the Green (Scott Hess)
Raél López Romo, Euskadi en Duelo: la Central Nuclear de Lemóniz como Simbolo de la Transicion Vasca (John K. Walton)
L. Auricchio, E. Heckendon and G. Pavini (eds.), Invaluable Trees: Cultures of Nature, 1660-1830 (Keith Kirby)
William Beinart and Luvuyo Wotshela, Prickly Pear: The Social History of a Plant in the Eastern Cape (Marco Brutsch)


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