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Vol.15 No.1, February 2009

Editorial. Georgina Endfield

Jan van Riebeeck as Pioneering Explorer and Conservator of Natural Resources at the Cape of Good Hope (1652-62).Simon Pooley

Fighting With a Weed: Water Hyacinth and the State in Colonial Bengal, c. 1910-1947. Iftekhar Iqbal

Population, Land Use and Environmental Impacts in Shucheng County, Anhui Province, China during the Ming and Qing Dynasties.Yan Zuozhi, Gu Hongyi, Dai Yangben, Wu Xuande, John A Dearing, Zhang Weiguo and Yu Lizhong

Contestation over Resources: The Farmer-Miner Dispute in Colonial Zimbabwe, 1903-1939.Muchaparara Musemwa

Book Reviews

Diana K. Davis, Resurrecting the Granary of Rome: Environmental History and French Colonial Expansion in North Africa (Muchaparara Musemwa)
Neena Ambre Rao, Forest Ecology in India: Colonial Maharashtra, 18501950 (Laxman D. Satya)
Paige West, Conservation is our Government Now: The Politics of Ecology in Papua New Guinea (Libby Robin)
John Elder, Pilgrimage to Vallombrosa: From Vermont to Italy in the Footsteps of George Perkins Marsh (Ross Balzaretti)
Gregory S. Aldrete, Floods of the Tiber in Ancient Rome (Susanne Dobrovolny)

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Vol.15 No.2, May 2009

Editorial. Mark Riley

'Ruined and Lost': Spanish Destruction of the Pearl Coast in the Early Sixteenth Century.Michael Perri

Production Cycles and Decline in Traditional Iron Smelting in the Maidan, Southern India, c. 1750-1950: An Environmental History Perspective. Sashi Sivramkrishna

Sludge on Tap: Queensland's First Water Pollution Legislation, 1944-1985.Jan Wegner

An Imperial, National and State Debate: The Rise and Near Fall of the Australian Forestry School, 1927-1945.Brett Bennett

Book Reviews

I.G. Simmons, Global Environmental History 10,000 BC to AD 2000 (Libby Robin)
William Beinart and Lotte Hughes, Environment and Empire (Tim Cooper)
Gunnel Cederloef, Landscapes and the Law: Environmental Politics, Regional Histories and Contests over Nature (Heather Goodall)
Roberta Cevasco, Memoria verde. Nuovi spazi per la geografia (Ross Balzaretti)
Marnie Leybourne and Andrea Gaynor, eds., Water. Histories, Cultures, Ecologies (Petra J.E.M. van Dam)
Dennis Cosgrove, Geography and Vision: Seeing, Imagining and Representing the World (Peter Collier)

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Vol.15 No.3, August 2009

Editorial. Georgina Endfield

'A Network of Trust': Measuring and Monitoring Air Pollution in British Cities, 1912-1960.Stephen Mosley

Campaigning for Street Trees, Sydney Botanic Gardens, 1890s-1920s. Jodi Frawley

The Paradox of Discourse Concerning Deforestation in New Zealand: A Historical Survey.Catherine Knight

The Fall and Fall in the Legal Status of Mustelids in New Zealand.Philippa Wells

Breaking New Ground? Gifford Pinchot and the Birth of 'Empire Forestry' in the Philippines, 1900-1905.Greg Bankoff

Book Reviews

Divyabhanusinh (ed.), The Lions of India (Jane Carruthers)
R. Cole Harris, The Reluctant Land: Society, Space, and Environment in Canada before Confederation (Suzanne Zeller)
Helen M. Rozwadowski and David K. van Keuren, eds., The Machine in Neptune's Garden (Kate B. Showers)
Marcel Mazoyer and Laurence Roudart, A History of World Agriculture From the Neolithic Age to the Current Crisis (J. Chapman)
Roger Fouquet, Heat, Power and Light: Revolutions in Energy Services (Horace Herring)

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Vol.15 No.4, November 2009

Editorial. Robert A. Lambert

Landscape and Ambience on the Urban Fringe: From Agricultural to Imagined Countryside.Joseph Goddard

'When The Well's Dry': Water and the Promise of Sustainability in the American Southwest. David Jenkins

Brazilian Federal Conservation Units: A Historical Overview of their Creation and of their Current Status.José Augusto Drummond, José Luiz de Andrade Franco and Alessandra Bortoni Ninis

Agrarian Change, Cattle Ranching and Deforestation: Assessing their Linkages in Southern Pará.Pablo Pacheco

Goats, Marginality and the 'Dangerous Other'.David Siddle

Book Reviews

Brian Short, Charles Watkins and John Martin, eds., The Front Line of Freedom: British Farming in the Second World War (DAVID HARVEY)
David R. Montgomery, Dirt: The Erosion of Civilizations (LAWRENCE NIEWOJT)
T. C. Smout, Exploring Environmental History. Selected Essays (IAN SIMMONS)

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